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Battery Electrolyte Additive Makes Batteries More Stable and Safer

Two plastic drums contain battery electrolyte additive.

Succinonitrile can be used as battery electrolyte additive.

Battery electrolyte is used to conduct lithium ions between positive and negative electrodes, and it is called the blood of lithium battery. Battery electrolyte has important influence on the safety performance, electrical property and cost of the batteries. Battery electrolyte additive has the property of less additive quantity but great improvement. So it is a must for battery.

Succinonitrile is often used as the ingredient of battery electrolyte additive. The application of succinonitrile improves the specific capacity, initial charge-discharge efficiency of battery and broadens the electrochemical stability window of electrolyte. Therefore, succinonitrile can improve the thermal stability and cycling performance of electrolyte solution. The safety performance and service life of battery improve as a result.

Several cylindrical lithium batteries are on the floor.

Lithium batteries are widely used in our daily life, and they make our life more advanced.

A black laptop battery.

The lithium laptop batteries make the laptops mobile.

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