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Succinonitrile Manufacturer with Excellent After-Sale Service

Hengshui Laike Chemical Products Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of succinonitrile in China. We have more than 10 years experience in producing high quality succinonitrile, which is used in many industry fields. Succinonitrile is mainly used as a solvent that is used to extract the aromatic hydrocarbon from the petroleum fraction. It is used as nickel plating brightener which makes products bright. It is used to manufacture quinacridone pigment to make the world beautiful and colorful. Besides, it is used in organic synthesis to make organic substances. It is also used to manufacture nylon-4. What's more, it is used as battery electrolyte additive which makes batteries more stable.

We are your first and best choice for the reasons below
A large workshop with succinonitrile equipment.
High quality.

We have advanced equipment to produce the products, and we also have skilled workers to test the products. Besides, we have built research and development center to improve our production technology. What's more, we have large workshop to make the products quality step to a new level.

Many blue steel drums containing succinonitrile are in a container.
Fast delivery.

We can finish manufacturing the products within 2 - 3 weeks after we receive the deposit. And we will deliver the products to our customers as soon as possible.

Four cardboard drums of different sizes and a large blue plastic drum. And all of them contain succinonitrile.
Safety package.

We use the metal pails, cardboard drums and plastic drums packing the products, making the transportation and storage safe and convenient.

Three women with headsets.
Excellent and considerate after-sale service.

We have professional staff giving you specialized explanation about your questions. And we provide free and complete technology training which contains the correct application method and the matters need to attention in the process of using succinonitrile.

We have built long-term cooperation relationship with many companies. And we warmly welcome more friends to communicate and cooperate with us. If you are interested in our products, you can email us at sales@succinonitrile.com.